Sunday, September 9, 2012

while being reluctantly purple

I'm not ready for football, you already know that.  The weather was too beautiful to put on purple shirts and go inside a domed stadium to watch a team that last year won three games and lost thirteen.

It didn't matter.  Our friends asked us to go to the Vikings game with them today, and we went because we wanted to hang out with them.  The game started dismally.  The Vikes were playing the not-exciting Jacksonville Jaguars and the first half was so lacking in action that it felt almost like baseball.

The second half changed.  Suddenly Minnesota had an offense, suddenly the game was worth watching.  The game, after a series of improbable last-minute-of-regulation plays, went to overtime, and the Vikings won in overtime...

And we were yelling and high-fiving, and football season is back, even for us.

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