Sunday, September 16, 2012

unexpected 'mormon' problems


The hit Broadway show, The Book of Mormon, the irreverent musical created by the South Park guys, is coming to Minneapolis in February, and single-ticket sales start next Friday.

We happened to stop by the ticket office at the State Theater yesterday and found out that the two-week run is almost already sold out, mostly to season-ticket holders.  The ticket guy suggested that if we want to get any tickets at all, we had better plan on waiting in line all day Friday and even then might not get tickets.  You see, usually the big hits -- Lion King, Phantom, Wicked, etc. -- come here for a month or more, this one just two weeks... and everybody wants to see this show -- even people that never ever do Broadway musicals.

So what to do?  You know me well enough to know that I don't do lines, so there is no way I'm going to spend a day standing in line -- especially for tickets that might not be there when I would get to the front of the line.

Maybe hop a plane to New York to see it on Broadway?  Or see it in another city where it tours? -- How about Salt Lake City??  :-)


Uma Devi Ishaya said...

Perhaps you and Jerry could fly stand-by to New York.

Howard said...

Hmmm! Standby probably isn't a good idea when you have tickets for an expensive Broadway show. :-)