Thursday, September 6, 2012

helen's questions

Helen, in New Jersey, a long-time friend and regular blog-reader of mine, had two questions for me, and they made me realize that my posts occasionally leave people wondering, "Huh?".. So let me fill in some gaps.

First, she wondered, after reading my recent "seatless" posts, why the heck Jerry is flying standby?... is it that cheap?  Well, here's the deal.  He has a good friend, retired after many years with Delta and Northwest Airlines, who has given him several of her "buddy passes" (perks for being an airline employee), and they are very cheap yet can often mean being seated in first class, the downside being that you have to put up with the uncertainty of being on standby.  And he handles uncertainly better than some of the rest of us.

Next, she asked, are you and Jerry back together or not?  Well, yeah..... :-)


vickie said...

She asked the question we were all afraid to ask, but assumed so by your posts.

vickie said...

another question, but once again assuming the answer....are you still selling your place? I'm guessing, no.

Howard said...

the condo was on the market for about ten minutes.

vickie said...

That's more than I thought. I don't know if Ruthie told you the dates I'm coming, they are Sept.29 to Oct 8. She figures we can do Tom's b-day on the 6th.