Monday, September 10, 2012

searching for a doc cloud

Some days it's just gibberish that I have for you.  I know that.

Hey, I have a question:  what does a nervous breakdown look like?  I mean, if I had a nervous breakdown, how would anybody know?  Wouldn't they just they think I was just having one of my weirder moments?

Another question:  Have any of my readers ever used Google Docs or Google Drive?  Any feedback?


revdoc1 said...

hhhmmmmm............. a nervous breakdown is usually accompanied by outrageous physical manifestations. Does that describe your weirder moments??? lolllllll

Howard said...

outrageous physical manifestations?.. uh-oh!! :-)

ruthie said...

Google docs is great. I use it quite a bit and it's very convenient for keeping files you may need at any time.