Tuesday, March 8, 2016

an apple at 70 degrees

As I write this, I am sitting in the atrium of a shopping mall -- Ridgedale, in the western Twin Cities suburbs -- drinking Caribou coffee, while outside it's a remarkable, sunny 70 degrees.  And before you yawn and say "What's so remarkable about that?", let me remind you that I am in MINNESOTA and it is the 8TH OF MARCH!  Yesterday, it was warmer here in Minneapolis than it was in Los Angeles or Las Vegas!  Weatherpersons are telling us that Spring might be here.  Something ain't right, folks!

Nobody here, of course, is complaining except for snowmobile salespeople and ski resort operators.  Ice fishermen had a brief winter, so they had to find other places to drink beer instead of in their ice houses on frozen lakes.  But this is the Frost Belt!  Again I say, something ain't right!  If you didn't hear Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar acceptance/climate-change speech, find it on YouTube!

Since there is no more boring subject for a Blogger than the weather, I'll move on to something else.

So why am I sitting in a mall instead of outside in the beautiful weather that I'm done mentioning?  I'm outside the Apple Store, impatiently waiting for a "tech specialist" to help me with a minor iPad problem.

Whoops, just got texted.  They are ready for me.

A little trivia for you:  the first enclosed mall in the world was here in the Twin Cities -- 1957 -- but not THIS mall.  Also, the largest mall in the country is here in the Twin Cities.  Minnesota is apparently a natural for indoor malls because of the frigid temperatures.  Oh damn.  There I go mentioning the weather again!

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