Wednesday, March 9, 2016


So yesterday, while the weather was beautiful outdoors, I sat in the Apple Store for maybe three hours, being shifted from one "tech specialist" to another to another (lunch breaks, of course), having what I thought was an easy-to-fix problem that turned into a crisis.  My iPad is a mess now, and the initial problem is still there.  Whatever.

But let me ask you this question:  have you ever sat in an Apple Store for three hours and watched the comings and goings?  Even though I was annoyed, I was also fascinated.  The place is hopping!  Sure, there are some people buying stuff, but there are way more customers coming in -- constantly! -- with problems with their iPhones, iPads, iWhatevers....  A few years ago, a place like this wouldn't have even existed.  Now we -- all of us, old and young -- are dependent on our devices and at the mercy of tech people.  I hope this CLOUD doesn't ever Burst!

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