Wednesday, March 16, 2016

it's not debatable

It was bound to happen that Donald Trump and I would agree on something eventually, and here it is:  He is saying today -- That's enough debates!  We've already had 11 or 12, how many times do we have to answer the same questions?

Blame TV if you wish -- can you imagine George Washington in a Presidential debate? -- but how did exemplary debating skills become part of the top requirements to be President?  This year in particular, the debates have become a bizarre reality show -- sort of a talking American Idol -- that killed lackluster low-energy guys like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and gave attention to the loudmouths that were mostly just shouting B.S.  (Jeb's and Walker's B.S. was just too understated for sleepy viewers).

Look for future Presidents in the current high school debating clubs.

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