Tuesday, March 1, 2016

stupor Tuesday

Super Tuesday, that overly-emphasized political landmark that we go through every four years in our embarrassing process of electing a President, is upon us today.  Citizens in twelve states, either in primary voting or caucus, leave their TVs and trudge out of their homes to feel like they are having a say.

Here in Minnesota, we have the caucus system, and I hate the caucus system -- because it is generally so unrepresentative.  Only a small (but loudmouthed) percentage of the voting population goes to their caucus, so it's too easy for one-issue groups and special interests to pack a caucus and potentially gain a disproportionate share of delegate strength...

but, having said that, Jerry and I will head to our Democratic precinct caucus this evening...

... and, most likely, cancel out each other's vote.

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