Thursday, March 10, 2016

it's coming up roses, dude

While in downtown Minneapolis this morning, after checking in at the office for a short visit, I did my usual routine -- meaning, my workout at the downtown YMCA -- then stopped to buy theater tickets for tomorrow night.  We're going to see Gypsy, a new production by Theater Latte Da, one of the top theater companies here in the Twin Cities, at the lovely Pantages Theater.  Gypsy, of course, is one of those good old musicals, this one from 1959, and although I've seen the movie version (starring Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood), I've never seen it on stage, so I'm looking forward to that.

So, since I'm now in a Gypsy mood, I looked for a link to the most popular of the Gypsy show-stoppers, "Everything's Coming Up Roses", as sung by Ethel Merman, the original Mama Rose in the 1959 Broadway production.  If you listen to it, I bet it will cheer you up.  Hey, don't complain, I could have posted "YMCA" by the Village People, although I bet that would have cheered you up too.  If you're outside the USA, this video probably won't open for you.  Sorry.  Be cheered anyway. Life is good.

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