Saturday, March 26, 2016

demolition is imminent

Suffering from kitchen-designer fatigue.  We've signed a contract to have our kitchen destroyed before a hoped-for majestic user-friendly, cuisine-enticing room takes its place.

Okay, we knew from Day One when we bought this house two years ago that it was an awful kitchen, but it's amazing how a person can get used to less-than-ideal living conditions and after a while you don't even notice.

Being a person who prefers Instant Gratification after spending a bunch of money, it's hard to think of (at least) six weeks of contractors and noise and mess.  Demolition doesn't start for another month or so, but, if my blog posts get dusty and cranky for a while during the process, hang in there.  Photos of the finished product will follow.  Unless I hate it.

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