Sunday, May 15, 2011

so whatever happened to thursday, may 12, 2011?

Last year, my niece Ruthie challenged me to blog something every single day (no matter how lame), and I have not missed a day since August 10, 2010.  Ah, but (the blog site that I use, through Google) screwed me up this week!  Their server or something went down on Friday, and it deleted my Thursday post.  For those of you who were "lucky" enough to read it before it flew off into internet Never-Never Land, it was the one entitled "finally losing it", the one about me watching American Idol for the first time, at my sister Mary's house.  I'm sure that it was a brilliant piece of prose, complaining about what a stupid show it is but how nevertheless I hoped that "Scotty", the most annoying of the final four contestants, would get voted off.

.... so, as far as I'm concerned, even though there is a missing day in the blog list, my streak continues.


Added -  5/18/11 --  The May 12th post came back!  Thanks, Blogger, for validating me.


ruthie said...

I saw it and can say it definitely was there before the whole site went crazy. I also wanted to comment on it although it wouldn't allow. So let me say, although the auditions were better than usual with the judges this year on AI, they picked all the wrong singers and the entire season was a miss. I wish it would get canceled at this point and I used to be a big fan.

Anonymous said...

I saw your post too. I also am not interested in who wins. I don't like any of the contestants that are left.

Howard said...

The contestants are bad enough, but the judges are the worst part of the show. I wouldn't be able to listen to any more of their over-gushing.

Anonymous said...

ok, I've only seen bits and pieces but to me it is not the contestants OR the judges that are the most annoying. It is the audience clapping along to every song.