Wednesday, June 13, 2012

crushed ice in his orange crush

"Now why did I put ice in this?" Jon asked as he was drinking his Orange Crush. "Why do people put ice in soda anyway?  The soda is already cold, and the ice just gets in the way and is annoying. And, when it starts to melt, it dilutes the soda."

We were at Broadway Pizza, the one in St. Anthony, for lunch today.

Of course he is just recently back from Europe, where they hardly ever put ice in their glasses of soda.

We do talk about other things besides things like ice in soda; otherwise, we would be a continuous Seinfeld episode.  I did get to hear a little about the trip to Ireland and about his next big trip:  two weeks in Austria in September.  And we talked about what to do this Sunday -- Father's Day.

It's cool to have two sons who are such world travelers, but it sure is nice to have them home too.  Whoops, I just got corny.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I never get ice in my sodas! The ice melts, like you said, and waters down the soda, PLUS you don't get as much soda when the glass is loaded with ice.....And of course it's already cold coming out of the machine..... yay! I'm not alone in this thinking :-)

Jon said...

I'm glad to hear Anonymous agrees with me! How disappointed Anonymous will be to discover that: a) I almost never drink soda anyway; b) At the time I made the comment, I actually WAS drinking soda WITH ice. Hey, I never claimed to make sense.

Tom said...

I'm surprised you were drinking soda at all, given the fact that you have defective taste buds. Orange Crush...all good!

Jon said...

I have defective taste buds? I recall a recent incident where someone couldn't tell the difference between blueberries and chocolate chips.

Tom said...

Defensive one!