Friday, June 22, 2012

me, a member of the press?

Guthrie photo, "Roman Holiday"
The Guthrie Theater generously provided me with tickets to two shows this week (for being a blogger, as you recall), the first being a new musical stage adaptation of the '50s Audrey Hepburn film, Roman Holiday, with all the music being Cole Porter songs.  It's a fun summer show, light and never dull, and who wouldn't like Cole Porter?, so if you get a chance and are somewhere local, give it a try.

Then last night I attended (with my sister Joan) a show up in the Dowling Studio stage of the Guthrie.  It's called Anytown, a dance production set to the music of mostly Bruce Springsteen.

When I went to the will-call window last night to pick up those tickets, they sent me to the "Media Area".  When those people at that table gave me the tickets, they told me to let the ushers in the Dowling know that I'm a "member of the press" and there would be special seating for us.

Hey, how about that?.. I'm a member of the press.  And I guess that means that all of my fellow bloggers are members of the press too, so if you have an active blog, you now have a new designation.  Congrats.

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