Wednesday, June 20, 2012

in nine months, it will be spring again

Midnight sun in Alta, Norway
Right about now, here in the Central Zone of the United States, on 20 June, it is becoming Summer 2012.  Although not quite as great as Spring is, Summer is a great time of year, especially if you ignore the excessive heat and the bugs.

This is, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, sunlight-wise.  For those in the Arctic Circle, it's also "White Nights", the time of the Midnight Sun, when it never gets quite dark.

For several years now, I'm been thinking it would be fun to be in Scandinavia for White Nights, maybe Finland.  Recently, though, I found out that June is when mosquitoes hit Finland big time (did you know that Finland is notorious for its mosquitoes?), and I can't picture me sitting outside at daylight/midnight, drinking wine and swatting mosquitoes, so I have dropped that from my Bucket List.

Anyway, to all my readers, I hope you have a fun, beautiful Summer.  Believe me, it will go fast, find ways to enjoy it.


Jon said...

You're going to let mosquitos derail your whole Finland trip? Please, you'll be amongst mosquitos if you stay in MN too, and Finland's got to be a lot more interesting.

Jon said...

Oh, and (in MN) fall is the best season, not spring or summer... of course, in my mind fall is September and October... none of this December 20th stuff.

Howard said...

Finland will happen, just probably not in June...

Fall is your favorite even though it's the season that kills your beautiful garden??

Jon said...

When the garden freezes, everyone else is always far more upset about it than I am (I need a break!)... unless it does that annoying thing where it freezes really early, kills everything, and then turns back into summer for another month.