Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mary arrives, Joan buys

Jerry, Mary, & me last year
One of the best parts of last year was when my sister Mary stayed with us for three weeks last summer.... and now she's coming back!  As I write this, her plane is in the air, bringing her from New Jersey to hang out with us until Bastille Day!

Meanwhile across town in St. Paul, my sister Joan ran into Kristin Chenoweth late this afternoon at Starbucks (If you don't know who Kristin Chenoweth is, well, that's what Google is for).  "I'm going to your concert tonight, and I'm buying your coffee for you!" Joan told Kristin, and she did -- plus oatmeal and an egg salad sandwich!  Joan was thrilled and now is looking forward to the concert even more than she already was.  Have fun, Joan and Ruthie.  Stop over at our place after the concert, Mary will be here.

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Jon said...

I hope if I ever make as much money as Kristin Chenoweth (yes, I know who she is) I'll eat something more interesting than oatmeal and egg salad, yuck.