Thursday, June 28, 2012

news you can't trust

This morning, I attended a half-day seminar on "iPad: An Effective Business Tool."  Most of the 46 people in the class had our iPads with us.

It was well known ahead of time that the Supreme Court's ruling on the Obama health care law would be announced at 9 a.m., so soon after 9 several of us were iPadding news sites.  I logged on to, where the headline announced that the law had been struck down.  I was disappointed by that breaking news.  If I had logged on to (which of course I wouldn't do), I would have seen a similar headline.  Others in the class were getting a different stories on other sites -- that the law had actually been upheld! We on the CNN site thought that we had the right story... After all -- this is CNN!

Wrong.  CNN and Fox News both blew it.  I'm sure they corrected themselves a few minutes later, but there for a while we iPadders didn't know who to believe.  Who should we be relying on for accurate news in the future?  -- Perez Hilton??

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