Saturday, June 30, 2012

this post deserves no title

I'm sitting here in the living room with Mary, Joan, Jerry, Jon and Tom, and the day is coming to a close and I haven 't been blogged yet today, so here goes...

I tried to get Jon to be my guest blogger for the day, but he says, "What would I ever blog about?", so you're not going to get a Jon blog post today.  If ever there is a person that should have his own blog, it's Jon... We can hope.

Kristin and Joan at Starbucks, 6.26.12.
Joan wants to know if I wrote a follow-up post to her Kristin Chenoweth sighting (my June 26th post, "Mary Arrives, Joan Buys") to let you know that Kristin mentioned her to the crowd during the concert later that night: "I got this iced tea at Starbucks in St. Paul, and I met the nicest lady there who bought my my oatmeal and tea.  Thank you, Joan!"...  And the next day Kristin even mentioned Joan on Twitter.

Mary is making strawberry shortcake.  Jerry grilled burgers for dinner.  Tom, as usual, is playing a game on his iPhone.

And now you have the picture.... More action tomorrow.

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Kari Wiltse said...

I think if I ever ran into Kristin Chenoweth at a Starbucks I would embarrass us both by asking her to sing "Taylor the Latte Boy".