Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a sucker for free stuff

This will sound to my regular readers like I'm getting very repetitive, but this is how it is:  I'm going back to Las Vegas this weekend... But hear before out before you roll your eyes --

--  Jerry is going with me this time, and he hasn't been there in close to a year...
--  We had a free Delta companion ticket that expires on July 31st, and airfares to Vegas were the only ones that were remotely reasonable compared to any desirable within-the-48-states alternatives...
--  We don't need to rent a car there.
--  We have free hotel rooms (plus other perks) at the Aria Casino Hotel, which is one of the nicest hotels in Vegas.
--  It's hot there, but Aria has a great pool with misters.
--  Las Vegas, despite how irritating it can be, has become my default getaway place.  A lot of people in Minnesota have their lake cabins as their getaway places; I have Vegas.

We leave Minneapolis Friday night, back Tuesday night, by which time I will be wondering once again what I was thinking.

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ruthie said...

My standards must be too low. My getaway is the bathroom. Have a good trip :)