Monday, July 16, 2012

danny has air conditioning and hair product

A follow-up to my July 3rd post, "the migration continues" -- The Danny Project seems to be moving along.... Danny has found an apartment and moved in over the weekend, although moving in took about ten minutes since he has almost nothing ("just clothes, shoes, and hair product").  Now he is on a mission to find furniture and household items (if anybody has anything they're dying to get rid of, let me know!), the first major purchase being a Craig's List used air-conditioner since today had temps back up around 100 degrees!

Then there was a resume to come up with... that was yesterday's group project, and it turned out okay.  Now he will hit the streets and job-hunt his butt off, I hope.  It's not easy these days getting a start at age 20.  In some ways, I feel bad for these kids; in other ways, I envy the hell out of them.

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ruthie said...

tell him to sign up for freecycle and post a wanted ad for furniture. Ive gotten lots of nice stuff from there.