Saturday, July 14, 2012

le quatorze juillet comes around again

July 14, 2012.  It's Bastille Day in France and with French-tolerant people around the world who appreciate an excuse to party.  Here in the Twin Cities, the biggest Bastille Day celebration I've seen advertised is at Brit's Pub -- (British, obviously).  Here in our household, the only celebrating we've done (so far) was having for lunch some French fries (which are Belgian in origin).  Vive la France, anyway!  Maybe I'll get back there someday.

My sister Mary headed home to New Jersey this morning, and we miss her already.  She is perhaps the easiest-to-be-around person that I've ever known.

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Jon said...

And all this time I'd assumed I was the easiest-to-be-around person you've ever known!