Thursday, July 5, 2012

it's better than heat stroke

I don't admit this to just anybody, but I can be honest with my blog readers:  I was a fan of the old Dallas TV show (J.R. Ewing, Sue Ellen, Jock, Miss Elly, etc.)  and watched it from 1978 until it ended in 1991.  I even made it past the season that turned out to be a dream.

The show is back after all these years.  OK, it's on cable TV now (TNT) instead of the main channels, and J.R. Ewing and Cliff Barnes are old codgers now (although Sue Ellen is still looking pretty good), and the primary stars are an all-grown-up John Ross and Christopher Ewing, and it's too much about characters that are either all-good or all-evil, but it sure looks good on HD (way better than the real city of Dallas looks in person).

It's not all my fault that I tuned in to see the updated version of the show.  It's been 100 degrees here in Minneapolis the past several days, and we needed some entertainment within the air-conditioned condo and, darn it, sometimes a person gets desperate, so we watched (On Demand) the first four episodes of this new Dallas.  What's scary is how much I remember of the original show.  I just forgot a few minor details -- for instance, that Christopher is really the daughter of Kristin (who shot J.R. way back when after they had an affair), Sue Ellen's long-deceased sister and that he was then adopted by Bobby Ewing and Pam (also dead), sister of Cliff Barnes, the arch-enemy of J.R.... well, never mind.  It becomes almost-incestuous when being described.

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