Thursday, July 26, 2012

writing without anger

With the encouragement of a couple of my friends, "E." and "DYA", I've been thinking more and more about getting serious about doing some writing.  I've set up a space at home to do it, and, to make it actually happen, I'm trying to think of the best ways to carve out time to write in some sort of structured way.

But, at present, I'm hung up on something:  I am most inspired to write when I'm angry.  For instance, if I were writing today about what's on my mind, I'd be attacking backstabbers, lying preachers, and willful ignorance.  Shouldn't I maybe be writing instead about making the world a better place instead of pointing out how f-'ed up it is?  Isn't there enough of that these days?  Or do I wander into fantasy, escape or "the good-ol'-days" past?

When I was young, maybe ages 15 to 21 or so, I was writing all the time -- obsessively, even.  I carried little notebooks with me at all times.  Something changed.  I lost the drive.  It might be coming back.

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