Wednesday, July 11, 2012

heimlich at the german restaurant

The Black Forest Inn, the German restaurant at the corner of 25th & Nicollet in south Minneapolis, is in my Top Ten of local restaurants.  It's just the kind of place you can't eat at too often -- the food fills you up and definitely requires some recovery time!

We were at the Black Forest last night for dinner -- the outdoor patio there is beautiful this time of year -- and had a great meal and were in recovery mode, regretting having ordered desserts, when a man at a table a couple tables from us stood up at his table, choking, panicking and in obvious distress.

A young man at the table next to him and calmly started administering the Heimlich Maneuver on him.  After a few squeezes and pounds, the man coughed up the lump of weiner schnitzel (or whatever it was!) and was okay, and all the restaurant customers cheered.

We don't know if the choker bought the Heimlich guy's dinner or not.  He possibly owed him his life.

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Lee said...

sometimes I can't decide what's more fun...the blog, or the title that you put on it.