Friday, July 13, 2012

swimming with neil simon

The summer plays on the two main Guthrie Theater stages tend to be crowd-pleasers:  Currently on the Proscenium stage is the newly musicalized Roman Holiday (see my June 22nd post, "me, a member of the press?") and on the Thrust stage is the early-'70s Neil Simon comedy, The Sunshine Boys.

A couple nights ago, Mary and I saw Sunshine Boys, and it's a show that is enjoyable from beginning to end, thanks to actors that seem made for their roles -- in particular, Peter Michael Goetz as the crotchety king-of-one-liners, Willy Clark.  The show is there until September 2nd -- see it if you can.. You need a good laugh.

Then, last night, for a totally different experience, we had tickets to a mostly dance program up in the much smaller Dowling Theater, a performance called Swimming With My Mother, featuring a dancer with his 78-year-old mother, in sort of a synchronized swim/dance.  Hard to explain.  We liked parts of it, not sure that we really got it.  The sound system needs some improvement for this show -- the guy's lines were very muffled.  If we knew what he was saying, we probably would have gotten more out of the story.

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