Monday, July 2, 2012

the shocking news of the day

Anderson Cooper (wikipedia)
Anderson Cooper, star of CNN and son of Gloria Vanderbilt, today finally came out of the closet as a gay man.  Yay, Anderson!  Of course, the only people who could be surprised by this news would be those people who have never seen him on New Year's Eve with Kathy Griffin.

I suppose that the people who are boycotting Oreos (for making a rainbow-filled Oreo) will start boycotting CNN now.  Oh I forgot -- homophobes already watch Fox News.


vickie said...

Today show's gossip people said it was done to boost ratings for his show

Anonymous said...

I didn't know he was the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Now, that is interesting...
I would shake myself silly if I started using brain space to consider boycotting a cookie. It's interesting to me that we humans like to have sides all the time. Like everything is a Pats versus Saints game.
Which leads to closet cookie-eaters anonymous. Double-stuff!