Sunday, July 8, 2012

hangin' out at the nuclear power plant

Mary and Joan and I, along with my sort of "adopted nephew" Danny, took a Sunday afternoon drive out today into the country (actually, only an hour out of downtown Minneapolis, but it seems like country to us).  It was a beautiful day that followed a week of heat and humidity, so it seemed only fitting to be doing something outdoors  and out of town.  Besides, Danny wanted to see the nuclear power plant at Prairie Island since he is job-hunting and his most recent job was at a nuclear plant in New Jersey and Joan wanted to have us drive through Red Wing, a cute city there along the Mississippi, about an hour southeast of the Twin Cities.  The power plant is next to the Treasure Island Casino, which, give us some credit, we resisted the urge to visit.  Along the way, we had a lot of laughs and learned from each other.  I don't want Mary to ever leave.

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