Monday, July 30, 2012

cleavage as a fashion statement

I admit there are some things I don't pay a lot of attention to, but, let me ask you this -- are young women's breasts, real or enhanced, um, way more apparent than they used to be -- or is it a Las Vegas thing, maybe carrying over from California? -- or is it like that everywhere now and I just wasn't noticing?  I mean, these slinky black dresses are so low-cut that I wonder how they, um, hold anything in at all?  And is it possible that being so obvious -- so out there, so  to speak-- might bring out nervous laughter rather than admiration?  On the other hand, I realize that I'm not the target audience!

(Sorry -- I think my blog content just hit an all-time low! In the future, I'll try for something more, um, uplifting...)... :-)

1 comment:

vickie said...

What a play on words (made me smile).