Wednesday, October 24, 2012

AMS to MSP: 31 hours of birthday

When you start a day in Amsterdam and fly to a destination seven earlier time zones away, it makes for one long day.  When it's your birthday, it's an extra seven hours of celebration, if you're a person who tends to celebrate birthdays, which Jerry is.  I think he's  having a fine birthday so far, but who's to say?  There are still a few hours left, and the onset of jet lag is a concern.

Standby today was painless, business class was priceless, and we are back home.  I'm very glad we went on this trip, short though it was.  Being back in Germany and the Netherlands somehow made me feel momentarily a little younger, and that's not an easy feat these days.  I'll try to make that feeling last.  I'm already planning the next trip back.

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You always welcome, Heike