Friday, October 12, 2012

musical evenings

I could have watched the vice-presidential debate last night.  No, I take that back.  I couldn't have.  Mentally, I'm done with this election.  It will be good to be out of the country for eight or nine of the remaining days before 6 November.

And there are other ways of escaping besides fleeing the country.  How about theater and more theater?  Maybe a movie or two squeezed in there somewhere?

I've been seeing the Christopher Hampton plays currently being staged at the Guthrie Theater, and I will say more about them after I see the third one tomorrow.

Last night and tonight, however, are musical-theater escapes.  The Mixed Blood, a local Minneapolis theater company, is doing Next to Normal, and James, Emma and I went last night and loved it.  Good music and voices with a gripping story about a family dealing with mental illness.  The Mixed Blood does good stuff: check it out sometime.

Tonight, Jerry and I are going to the Broadway-touring production of Billy Elliot over in St. Paul at the Ordway.  Looking forward to that.  We saw the non-musical movie Billy Elliot and thought it was great (see my post from 7.19.12).  Now we'll get that story with Elton John music.

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