Wednesday, October 10, 2012

if only i were a 20-year-old backpacker...

It looks like, yes, Jerry and I are going to Europe next week... and until now I've never been apprehensive about a trip to Europe -- except maybe when I was in the Army getting stationed in Germany in 1968 -- not even when we flew to Amsterdam in 2001 a week after 9/11.  But it's these damned standby tickets again that Jerry got from his friend who used to work for the airline.  That's why I'm uneasy.  I'm too old for uncertainty.

So, assuming that we get on a plane, we will probably be put in business class, so that's the potential upside -- plus, these tickets are super cheap.  The nervousness comes from not knowing if there is room for us or not.  I'm just not a kid anymore, I'm not good at sleeping on airport floors waiting for a seat on a future flight.

The plan, if it works out --  We leave here next Tuesday, the 16th, flying to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  A night in Amsterdam (My favorite city).  Taking a train to Cologne, Germany and staying there for two nights, then back for three nights in Amsterdam, trying to fly back home on the 24th.

And why go to Cologne?  Because we are going to a wedding.  Why?  Who is getting married? Well, telling you about that will take another post.


Anonymous said...

I have your AMS books! Would you like me to drop them by your office?
Kari W.

Howard said...

Hi Kari -- Not necessary -- but if you happen to be in the area, sure.. Thanks.. How are u doing?

Anonymous said...

I might stop by your office this afternoon and drop them off- i feel bad I've had those books for so long!