Monday, October 1, 2012

siri enters my life

When I opened my iPad the other day, there was a notice that I could download iOS 6, which is, I guess, a new Apple operating system -- at least new for iPads.  So I did the download, and, guess what, one of the changes to my iPad world is that I now have "Siri", the Apple answer lady.  You verbalize a question and she answers with a computer-woman voice tinged with annoyance.  People with iPhones already have this, and now I do.  You can ask questions like, "Where is the nearest restaurant?" and she comes up with a list for you.  She doesn't do as well with "Where is the nearest public toilet?" (she refers you to a website that is dedicated to that question) or "What is the meaning of life?"  Maybe they are saving those answers for iOS 7.

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