Wednesday, October 3, 2012

an idea that's subject to debate

One of the dumber parts of modern-day presidential elections would definitely be the candidate debates.  Why must a potential president be a good debater?  Very few candidates were on their college debate team, I bet.  I would be happy if there were an honest discussion of the issues, but there never is.  These people running for office know how to ignore questions and veer off into their canned campaign speech (And why must a president show poise and be a good speaker?  It's not the Miss America Pageant!).

Anyway, the first Obama-Romney debate is tonight, and I'd just as soon not watch but will -- well, sort of.  We are going to watch it on big-screen TV over at the Graves 601 Hotel with a bunch of like-minded people (I hope).  Jim Graves, who owns that high-end hotel here in downtown Minneapolis (across the street from Target Center) is running for Congress against that nutcase Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann, the Congressperson from a neighboring district.  He will probably lose (it's a bit of a redneck district), but the polls are close and he is at least giving her a scare.  So it's a debate-watching fundraiser for Jim Graves.  Food and drinks provided.  Depending on how the debate goes, the drinks might be very much appreciated.

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