Tuesday, June 14, 2011

how scott pelley is doing so far

OK, we still DVR the CBS Evening News and watch it later in the evening, but so far it just isn't the same.  We miss Katie Couric as anchorperson -- there was something comforting about Katie's delivery and pace.  Scott Pelley, her replacement, isn't terrible, but there is a difference.  The reason we watch the evening news is to see and hear a quick summary of what happened today.  Scott Pelley seems to not be into that:  he seems to be trying to make every story into a mini-60 Minutes segment -- over-reaching, over-stating, segments are too long...

... and who cares, you wonder?  Maybe I'm just looking for something to chat about other than going into the hospital tomorrow!

I hadn't planned on working late this evening, but toward the end of the work day, I developed a rush of adrenaline, took advantage of it and accomplished more in an additional three hours than I have accomplished in the whole past week.  Feeling better, maybe?... or a burst of desperate nervous energy?


barrymn said...

I too watched Katie Couric daily, but I think Scott Pelley is a great improvement. No more 'cute' non-news stories, just traditional hard news stories with the proper depth. Pelley is running the program much like Walter Cronkite did. In my view, the CBS Evening News is the best of the evening Network newscasts.

Howard said...

We switched over to Brian Williams (NBC) and so far are preferring him to Scott. And I disagree if you're saying that Scott doesn't do "non-news stories". What about the repetitive military-condolence-letter story that kept coming back for a week? And he seems to have a fondness for "medical-breakthrough" stories that end up saying nothing!