Thursday, June 30, 2011

sarah says hi

It started out to be a book-signing by Bristol Palin at the Mall of America, and my sister Joan, being a celebrity hound, wanted to go see her.  Bristol, the 20-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, has somehow written an autobiography, presumably about her sex life with Levi Johnston and shooting bears in Alaska.

At the last minute, the Mall added her mom, Sarah (uber-celebrity and right-wing cartoon-politician), and dad, Todd, to the agenda, which to me seemed like they were stealing Bristol's thunder, but oh well.  You had to buy one of Bristol's books to be able to meet the Palins, plus you could buy one of Sarah's recent books, and I was surprised when Joan, a good progressive Democrat, did exactly that.  My sister Mary and I stood at the railing on the second floor of the mall rotunda, watching from above as Joan stood in the surprisingly short line.

When she got to the Palins, she had Bristol, Sarah and Todd wave at Mary and me.  We, being friendly people, even waved back.  "Why aren't they down here?" Sarah asked Joan.  "They're shy," Joan answered, too shy herself to say that we just didn't want to buy their stupid books.  "Well, tell them Hi from me," Sarah said.

And I think that's as close as I ever want to get to Sarah Palin.  At least, on this particular night, she was nice.

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