Wednesday, June 22, 2011

you deserve a break today

I'm home now, and I never want to be admitted to a hospital ever again.  Shoot me before that happens.  I was doing mostly okay with it all until I had to stay again last night -- the 7th night.  Big-time overload, dude.

Jerry did a wise thing, though.  He could see that I was feeling down last night, and, since I wasn't hooked up to any machines anymore, he said, "Hey man, instead of you ordering off the hospital menu, let's go down to McDonald's."  I know it makes no sense from a health standpoint, but there is a McDonald's right there in the hospital, down on the first floor (Maybe right next to the cardiac care unit?).  I protested a bit, because I didn't want to go down there in my ugly hospital garb, but he insisted, "Hey -- patients do it all the time, and you won't see anybody you know anyway."

... and, man!  were they the best McDonald's hamburgers and french fries I ever had?   In the Top Ten, for sure!  Then we walked outdoors a bit, and it was all a reminder of freedom.

.. but I'm out now, and I'm free, and I'm done whining about the hospital and will heal much better here on the outside.  So tomorrow, back to normal topics -- work? (geez!) .. Mary and James arriving in three days?.. Fun summer activities?..  And I'll try to avoid mentions of pain -- which probably means I can hardly discuss Michele Bachmann at all.

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