Monday, June 20, 2011

lunch is on the way

Couldn't think of a Monday video to post, so here I am with some of my usual drivvel... :-)

I'm not getting released today, as it turns out... Oh well, I'm getting too lazy to get dressed anyway.  I just ordered some pizza and a Coke for lunch (no Pepsi on the menu) and will blog something til it arrives.

It turned out to be cool to have Jon and Tom here on Father's Day, visiting their decrepid old dad.  Jon showed me a lot of his pics from his recent trip to Europe, until I reached the point where I was on vacation-photo overload (Jon, when he goes on vacations, takes thousands of pictures).  Tom brought me a Betty White autobiography.

Actually, I do need to shape up and get out of here.. My sister Mary and nephew James arrive on Saturday, Mary for three weeks, James indefinitely, and we have plenty of activities planned -- the Pride Parade next Sunday, the Guthrie, the Jungle, West Side Story, the Mall of America...

Pizza's here...  I'm trying to keep my expectations for hospital pizza as low as I can..


D. A. Dixon said...

Rest well, and continue to heal.

Anonymous said...

You make it sound as if you didn't know it would be cool having us there... Oh, and even I probably wouldn't be able to make it through all my photos in one sitting.

Howard said...

Jon -- Of course I should have known it would be cool having you here, even in a hospital room that I was sick of. :-) I'll see the next phase of your photos soon.