Sunday, June 12, 2011

neil, work your magic

Hard to know where to go to escape sadness.  I still find tears suddenly filling my eyes when I least expect it:  it's going to take a while to accept Ronnie's death.  And now my good friend, Mary O., got word yesterday that her dad had died, so she is off to her home state of Ohio for her own mourning process.  How acquainted I am with her grief.  Love you, Mary.

Meanwhile, on a much smaller scale, I live in absolute dread of my surgery later this week.  I am a total wimp when it comes to anything medical, especially when I have to trust somebody invading sensitive parts of my body with cold instruments, followed by an unknown recovery period.

But how refreshing it was last night to have some family time, as my sons Jon and Tom, my sister Joan, and my niece Ruthie came over for the evening and for dinner.  It was good to hear about Jon's European trip, Ruthie's current pregnancy, everybody's excitement about James' arrival in two weeks...  Life does go on, as trite as that sounds...

... and finding those small distractions that can numb your brain while you adjust.  Tonight there is the Tony Awards program on TV, with Neil Patrick Harris hosting once again (yes!)... It's time to curl up and heal...  and, after a couple hours of escapism, I'll try to sleep again.

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