Wednesday, June 29, 2011

shutting down the state

Here on the local scene, the Minnesota Governor (Democrat) and the Minnesota Legislature (Republican) may be at an impasse on budget negotiations, and the state may "shut down" as of this Friday, July 1.  I wasn't sure what "shut down" meant, so I found this list of the state government agencies that would shut down, at least temporarily, if there is no agreement:

46 state boards and agencies, with minimal staffing at 29 others. Departments with the most staff kept on duty would include Human Services, Corrections, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs.
State funding for many nonprofits including some child care assistance programs. A court-appointed referee will decide whether some social service programs will continue.
Most highway and other state-funded construction projects. Private contracts may have to lay off workers. Emergency highway repairs will continue.
--State parks.
--State lottery.
--State tourism office.
--Many licensing boards for occupations from physical therapy to private detectives.
--Minnesota Zoo, though some staff would care for animals.
--Various state licensing offices, such as for driver's licenses and car registration."

Have some guts and just raise taxes on the wealthy, Legislators.  Stop only voting for your rich supporters and recognize the harm you are doing to the people you're supposed to be representing.

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