Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the personality of a urologist

First, let me get this out of the way:  Never order hospital pizza.

Today is Day 7 in the hospital, and I have a hard time even looking at the menu anymore.  They say I will probably be released today, if things function as they are supposed to.  This is a very long hospital stay these days when insurance companies are so eager to push patients to the curb.  Oh lucky me.

... and I gotta ask this about urologists:  Do any of them have any bedside manner?  I've dealt with three or four of them over the past several years, and so far I find them all to be coldly efficient and distant.  I have faith in my current doctor, but he sure doesn't hang around very long to give reassurance or answer questions.

I'm sure it must take a certain kind of personality (or lack thereof) to want to enter into this medical specialty.


Anonymous said...

Howard, hope you get home soon. By the way, a new company took over our cafeteria at the hospital and the pizza is delicious! Every time I walk by there on my deliveries, it smells like a pizzeria. It's hand made and with dough that rises. Yummy!

Howard said...

I say, if you're gonna make pizza, why not make it delicious?!

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