Thursday, June 23, 2011

off they go to jethro tull

Last night, Jerry and I were driving down Hennepin Avenue, and there on the marquee at the Orpheum Theater was "Jethro Tull -- This Saturday 8 PM". You know Jethro Tull? -- that rock group from the '70s? I had a general awareness of them but could not name one of their songs.

Jerry, though, freaked out. Unbeknownedest to me, he loves Jethro Tull! His first rock concert ever was Jethro Tull -- in Evansville, Indiana -- way back when he was in high school, and it's been his favorite rock concert ever since. So, Jerry being Jerry, he immediately became on a mission to find tickets for Saturday's show. I didn't want to go (being non-Jethro Tull and also not quite used to being un-hospitalized), so he called my sister Mary, who arrives here on Saturday, if she likes Jethro Tull. "I love Jethro Tull!" she answered enthusiatically.

The concert is sold out, so Jerry went to Craig's List, found a couple of great seats, and the two of them head off to the Orpheum Saturday night. Mary is going to be here for three weeks, and her calendar is filling up fast -- This will just be her first event as she does the Twin Cities!

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