Sunday, June 5, 2011

laptopping into the night

I just need to sleep well again....

but, in the meantime, there were some highlights of this last full day with family before we head home --

...Breakfast at the Millville Queen Diner with my four remaining siblings; with my sister-in-law Denise and her daughter Kami; with my nephew Michael and his wife Tiffany; with my niece Ling and her boyfriend Rex; and with my Jerry.  I love them all.

...An evening with my lovable cousin Bev and my wide-eyed, Gaga-loving grand-nephew James... and delicious cheesesteaks...

(James, who is graduating from high school in a couple weeks, is moving to Minneapolis right after that and will live with us until he is on his own.... He is very excited about the move, as only an 18-year-old can be...)

And now late in the evening, across the room from me here at the Country Inn, Jerry and my brother Davy are dual-laptopping, trying to find a cheap and not-scary hotel for Davy for Tuesday night in the Newark area, as he will be flying back to China Wednesday morning from Newark airport.  Trust me, this is not a quick and easy task.

... I wonder if they would notice if I dozed off....

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