Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1961: millville high school, new jersey

It's funny, the things you can't forget...

One of my Facebook friends posted something that mentioned her high school freshman algebra class causing her many problems.  That prompted responses from several other Facebook friends because we were all in that same class and shared the same trauma.  The problem wasn't the algebra, it was the teacher.  She was by far the meanest teacher I have ever met -- a total bully. I still have nightmares about that class. The responses from the other friends: "Yes, she was scary....especially when you got called to the board to solve a problem!!!"; and "OMG me too! 1st period freshman yr.  Like throwing the Christians to the lions!"

But then, as they continued to post, they said that after school, one on one, she was sweet and kind.  I obviously never had a one-on-one moment with her, but I'd like to think she had that other side, that nobody is Pure Evil.

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