Sunday, November 13, 2011

the burning bush speaks again

Rick Perry one day, Herman Cain again the next.. I'm in a rut...

... but how can I resist?  That stage of debating candidates has to be the worst ever.

Herman Cain yesterday told a crowd that God told him to run for President.  In fact, Herman Cain compared himself to Moses, which maybe means that God spoke to him from a burning bush.  But didn't God also tell Michele Bachmann to run for President?  No, that's not right -- I forgot:  He told Michele's husband that Michele should run for President.  Can't God make up his mind, or did He know that Michele would bomb out anyway?  Or is He just starved for bizarre entertainment?

... and, in last night's debate, the other candidates actually somehow made Ron Paul look like the voice of reason.  Maybe Ron is the next one to get the Divine Call.

... one more thing:  When these fools tell them that God told them to run, are there people out there in the audience who actually fall for that line?

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