Friday, November 25, 2011

black is black

It's Black Friday, which means different things to different people:  a day to enjoy fighting crowds at the mall, maybe getting pepper-sprayed at Walmart; or deliberately not shopping, hanging out at home instead.  I'm one of the not-shopping people.  To retailers, at least in legend, it is the day when their profits go from the red into the black.  Whatever.

Thanksgiving was good for us.  We and Jon and Tom and Joan all went out for dinner.  I didn't want to get up early on my birthday to throw a turkey into the oven, which felt good at the time, but now I sort of regret not having any leftover turkey.

A month from today is Christmas.  'Enough said about that.


ruthie said...

Don't regret it. We didn't have dinner either so no turkey here.

Anonymous said...

How was that 4 foot sub?

ruthie said...

still have almost half of it! Not bad for $16