Tuesday, November 1, 2011

more sacred stuff

Halloween is done, it's November.  The first of November, actually -- All Saints Day (whatever the heck that means)...

... and it's time to once again review the important news headlines of this day --

Herman Cain, pizza guy and Presidential candidate, is defending himself against revelations that he has paid unknown amounts to settle sexual harassment accusations somewhere in his background as Godfathers' CEO.  Amusing!

The seven-billionth person alive on earth was born somewhere in the world sometime yesterday.  Upsetting!  It's getting too crowded!

Oh, here is a really really important story -- with a local twist.  First some personal background:  A few months ago we were at a Timberwolves/New Jersey Nets basketball game, and at some point during a time-out there was an announcement that Kim Kardashian was in the crowd, and there on the big screen was a shot of her waving at us Wolves fans.  This meant nothing to me, but luckily my niece Ruthie was sitting next to me and informed me that Kim Kardashian is some sort of famous reality-show something-or-other, engaged to one of the Nets players, Kris Humphries, a Minneapolis dude.  So Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities famous just for being a celebrity, and marrying an NBA star would add to her list of non-accomplishments.  I'm thinking at the time, "Hey Kris Humphries, whoever you are, you can do better!"

And my thinking was correct (as it usually is!).  Kris bought her a $2 million engagement ring, 20.5 carats, they had a made-for-TV-and-tabloid wedding, and yesterday, after 72 days of blissful married life, they announced  they're getting a divorce, which I'm sure will also be a TV-and-tabloid event.

 "Sanctity of marriage" takes another hit!

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