Tuesday, November 8, 2011

winona without ralph

Eleven years ago, I wouldn't even have walked across the street to see Winona LaDuke.  Eleven years ago right now, we were going through the whole bush-Gore recount debacle from the 2000 election, for which I totally was blaming Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, and Winona was Nader's running mate.

I still blame Nader.  bush "won" the election, leading us to unnecessary wars and economic disaster, so as far as I'm concerned Nader has blood on his hands.

But Winona LaDuke, I'm hoping, saw the error of their campaign.  She endorsed Kerry in 2004 (even though Nader ran again that year) and Obama in 2008.  There was a time when I had great admiration for Ralph Nader, but sometimes you need to be pragmatic, and convincing some voters that Gore was as bad as bush was irresponsible on Nader's part.

Last night, though, we went farther than across the street -- ten blocks down the street, to my church, actually -- to see and hear Winona LaDuke.  She is a long-time activist for Native American and environmental causes. She gave a fairly informal talk but had some good insight on current issues relating to Green issues and seemed to be a very likable, practical and knowledgable person.  An evening well spent.

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