Sunday, November 20, 2011

scrooging again

Thanksgiving Week is upon us, so beware -- not that there is necessarily anything wrong with Thanksgiving, I guess.

But then suddenly Christmas season is upon us, and it falls upon us earlier every year; this year, for instance, I notice that Target stores are opening at midnight Thanksgiving night to give overly anxious shoppers a headstart on "Black Friday", that nightmare shopping day.... and then the race to 25 December begins.

James and I have another headstart to Christmas -- I was given some more "blogger" free tickets to a preview of the Guthrie's A Christmas Carol this evening.  The Guthrie Theater has done A Christmas Carol for 35 straight years.  It's always an extravagant production, changing a little each year.  Maybe it will get us in the mood.  Or maybe we'll be bah-humbugging out into the cold.


Lee said...

What did you think of CC at the Guthrie?

Howard said...

@Lee -- It was just the 2nd time I've seen CC at the Guthrie, but I liked it a lot better this time -- a very balanced production. J.C. Cutler (who we have seen in many other plays) was great as Scrooge, although James said he perhaps wasn't evil enough -- You could tell that J.C. was too nice to stay mean.