Thursday, November 17, 2011

back to the streets

As I sit here in my office on a Thursday morning, the 17th of November, I am watching a livestream video from the Occupy Wall Street website.  There are thousands of protestors there in New York this morning, trying to "shut down Wall Street", police are over-reacting, people are being arrested, etc.  If you go to any of the big news websites right now, you would have no idea any of this is going on.

... and tonight, on the evening news, this story will be pushed down into a two-sentence summary following the Penn State sex scandal and other more sensational entertainment bits.

... it's the "ignore it and it will go away" strategy from big business/big media.

My current thoughts on the Occupy movement:

--  I love it.  It's good to be involved in protest marches again.
--  I'm happy to see young people who are educated on the issues and who care.
--  I wonder what will be next.
--  I'm particularly interested in the Occupy Berkeley group.  It was at the University of California - Berkeley that the protests of the '60s began. Anybody here know the name Mario Salvo?  I remember those days well.  Once that movement began, there was no stopping it.


The Wifely Person said...

I think you mean the late, great Mario Savio. I do believe their is a memorial lecture fund in his honor at UC Berkeley.

He passed away in 1996 from a heart problem.

[ps: off -topic but in response to your other comment: Abbott NW is good, especially Piper Institute.]

Howard said...

can't believe I screwed up Mario Savio's name... I'll blame it on my typing rather than my memory.

You're right, Abbott is good and I've heard some horror stories about Fairview Southdale, but I didn't want to burst his bubble.