Saturday, November 12, 2011

frozen brains on stage

My thoughts on Rick Perry's brain freeze during the Republican debate this week....

I have brain freezes all the time, so I guess I can't ever run for President, which of course is bad news for the country and the world.

He obviously wasn't coached well enough.  Had he ever even heard of the Department of Energy before he was told (by the oil companies, of course) that he wanted to eliminate it?

Who are the Media to determine that Perry's campaign is over because of this gaffe?  Why does a person have to be an all-star debater to be President?


Jon said...

Boo hoo for Rick Perry. Please tell me your next post isn't going to be about how unfairly that poor Bachmann idiot was treated by CBS.

Howard said...

wow, did i sound sympathetic to Rick Perry? I would just rather see his poll numbers crashing because he is an idiot on the issues and not because he is a poor debater.