Saturday, November 26, 2011

meanwhile, back at the coffee shop

It's a rainy but a fairly warm Saturday morning, considering that it is late November.  You know I love waking up early on the weekends and doing something before the rest of the world is out and about.  Jerry, though, likes to sleep in.  James works at a store at the Mall of America and didn't get home from his brutal Black Friday work day until after midnight, so he, obviously, was sleeping in too.

So I went over to my coffee shop at 13th and Hennepin and hung out and found a corner to read in (currently reading a 1996 book called Hell No, We Won't Go:  Vietnam Draft Resisters in Canada -- which I will maybe discuss in a future post) and drank my coffee.  Why this is more satisfying than making coffee at home I don't know.  Why this is more satisfying than sleeping a couple extra hours I do know.

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